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No chocolate lovers will be able resist to the subtle pleasure of savouring one little piece of this divine product melting in the mouth and releasing its flavours.
Jean-Sébastien Jonné, chocolate alchemist, is continuously in search of perfection in order to satisfy the most demanding chocolate lovers.
Let us discover here the great adventure of this impassioned and its family in the middle of a cordial cave dedicated to this product of exception.

A family company

Jean-Baptiste Jonné, chocolate lovers, start a training of chocolate seller end of the year '90.
He develops his first recipes in the home cooking, in particular that of the truffle the composition of which remains unchanged to this day. He decides, a short time later, to make a professional reversal and opens with his wife their first shop, situated to Ixelles.
His wife blows him in the ear the name of "L'Alchimie du Chocolat", it is seduced and the great adventure begins …

In 2003, their son, Jean-Sébastien, joined the company and also grows rich him by a formation by chocolate.

In 2007, l’Alchimie du Chocolat develops and buys in Waterloo of a building. She opens it her second shop. Behind this one, she establishes her workshop, visible of the store.

In September 2012, She opens her third shop in La Hulpe

A personal touch

L’Alchimie du Chocolat offers a wide range of more than fifty hand-made products with a variety of flavours from the classic to the most risky ones.
Amongst them: praliné with speculoos (ginger biscuits), traditional truffles, coco-honey fresh cream, four spices fresh cream, gianduja with crisped rice, ... Divinely infused ganaches: cinnamon-apple tea, lavender, mint, basil, ... A wide range of manons: speculoos (ginger biscuits), coffee, vanilla, salted caramel mousse, ...
Each creation has a personal and unique touch, carefully developed with high/ premium quality chocolate and products.
L’ Alchimie du Chocolat has recently created “El Chuah”, its own chocolate available in various shapes

Practical courses or visit of the workshop for chocolate lovers

Practical courses or visit of the workshop for chocolate lovers Jean-Sébastien Jonné organizes visits or induction courses to the various work techniques of chocolate. He will teach you how to make ganaches, pralinés, manons, truffles,… but also the technics of coating, setting, moulding, decorating,… Several formulas are available. Feel free to contact us in this respect.

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